Spruce Up Your Workplace in St. Petersburg, FL

Install strong yet gorgeous epoxy floors in your facility

Applying an epoxy coat to your company's flooring doesn't need to be a time-consuming and stressful task. Rely on a commercial epoxy flooring contractor at Epoxy Ops LLC to grind the previous coatings and contaminants off of your floor. Then, we'll apply epoxy, add colorful flakes and create a custom design. Finally, we'll clean off your floors and add a clear protective coat.

It's that easy to install beautiful epoxy floors in St. Petersburg, FL. Our go-to epoxy products include:

Elite Crete
Pure Epoxy

Whether you're building a new business or sprucing up an old one, our crew can help. Let us install your one-of-a-kind epoxy floor today.

Discover the benefits of choosing epoxy flooring

Discover the benefits of choosing epoxy flooring

Why should you install an epoxy floor? Local business owners love that epoxy flooring is:

  • Clean - maintain this easy-to-clean flooring without breaking a sweat
  • Durable - rest assured that your floor will stand strong for years
  • Beautiful - choose a unique design that complements your space
  • Safe - install slip-resistant flooring to avoid workplace accidents
  • Affordable - hire a pro for fast installation and reduced labor costs

Want to start taking advantage of these benefits? Call 727-342-0776 now to schedule commercial epoxy flooring installation services.